Five Ways Contractors Cut Corners


They don’t pull permits

This is a rampant problem in the construction industry as a whole. For roofing contractors, most municipalities require you to pull a permit to re-roof a house. The threshold is normally around $2,500 in the scope of work before you are required to pull a permit. Contractors love to skip out on this because it can be time-consuming and cut your profits on the job.

They do not have a license

In the state of Georgia roofing contractors are not required to have a license to perform their trade. As a result, the barrier to entry is extremally low and you have a lot of unqualified contractors. In Georgia, you should verify that the contractor you are working with, at least, has a business license in the city/county they operate in.

They install cheap Ice and water shields/Underlayment

This one is something I see all of the time. The homeowner gets a few estimates and one is much cheaper than the others. They see that the scope of work looks similar so they choose that contractor thinking that the other companies are greedy. Well, 9/10 it is because the cheapest contractor is either excluding IWS/underlayment or installing a generic brand that does not match the system. Roofing products are like car parts. You can not install a Ford part on a Subaru because they are not compatible. As a result, over time, they will not interact with each other the way they were supposed to and it will cause issues long before the estimated life of the roofing system.

Not registering warranties

During the sales process, it is normal for your representative to go over all of your warranty options. You choose the one you would like and you expect that the contractor will do everything on his end to get you the warranty you purchased. Well, many times contractors do not complete the proper paperwork for the home and as a result, the roofing system does not have the warranty attached to it.

They use non-compatible accessories that void warranties

Big Time Roofing installs GAF and Owens Corning materials. As a result, we can offer enhanced warranties for these manufacturers. However, these warranties have a standard that must be met to attach the warranty to the roofing system. The minimum requirements are that you install a GAF shingle and three GAF accessories. In many cases, contractors will sell you a system like this but turn around and install generic accessories. This voids the warranty you thought you received.

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    By Big Time Roof Team | Jun Mon, 2022| Roofing Advice