How Does Roofing Insurance Work? Can It Get Your Property A New Roof

how to get a new roof through insurance

One way of protecting your roof is by having homeowners insurance. The insurance company will compensate you in case of roof damage. However, the home insurance cover can only result in roof replacement under certain circumstances. 

This guide will address how to get new roofing through insurance. Additionally, you will understand the benefits of having roofing insurance and the criteria your home insurance uses to get you a new roof. 

How to Get New Roofing Through Insurance

Your roof has to be damaged by extreme weather conditions for your roof insurance coverage to replace it. The weather conditions that can damage your roof include winds and fallen trees. Your home insurance will cover the replacement cost if the damage is significant. 

However, getting your insurance company to replace your roof is not a walk in the park. Your home insurance company will require you to follow steps starting with roof insurance claims. The process can be daunting, especially if you have a rudimentary knowledge of homeowner’s insurance and policy. Below are steps on how to get new roofing through insurance:

1. Read the policy

It would be best to ensure you have coverage for your roofing damage before placing a claim because your policy might not cover roof repairs. Have your agent send a copy of your policy so you can go through it. 

If your policy has roof coverage, your home insurance will provide payments for replacement or repairs. With replacement coverage, your insurance will pay for a new roof, provided the roof is severely damaged to the extent it cannot be prepared. On the other hand, if your policy has repair coverage, it will only cover a percentage of the total cost.

2. Prove Your Roof Is Damaged

Ensure you take pictures of the damage on your roof before filing an insurance claim. The photos should capture the damage on your roof’s exterior and damage inside your house. You can use a ladder or a drone to get the closest photos of the damage. 

A roofing company in your locality can assist significantly in taking photos. You will also get estimates about replacing or repairing your roof. 

You will also need to document the time and date of the occurrence. Try explaining what transpired to avoid doubt by the insurance company. For example, you could include newspapers that wrote about the event, if it was a storm or a hurricane. 

3. Get a Roof Inspection

Your home insurance will require an inspection report and an estimated replacement or repair cost. A roofing company can conduct the inspection and provide the insurance company with the details. 

It would help to note that your home insurance company might not pay for your claim without a contractor’s inspection. Therefore, the inspection expense will save you money in the long haul. 

4. Stay Connected with Your Agent

Your insurance agent is responsible for taking you through the process of filing a claim. The agent should keep you updated on what the insurance needs before approving your claim. Ensure you send photos, paperwork, and estimates to your agent throughout the process. 

Different insurance agencies will take varying steps after you file your claim. But once the claim is approved, the agent will assist you in getting the project started. The agent will usually work with roofing experts to schedule repairs. 

Criteria Your Insurance Uses to Get You a New Roof

Your home insurance company breaks the process of insurance claim into three steps:

1. Inspection By The Adjuster

After you report your roof damage to your insurance company, it will send an adjuster to examine the damage. The adjuster will create an assessment that they send to the company. 

2. Claim Review

After the adjuster sends their assessment, the insurance company will review it. Then, the company will evaluate the adjuster’s report to determine the amount you should be awarded for repairs. This process can take a while and is usually the cause of delays in insurance restoration projects. 

3. Finalizing the Claim

After reviewing and processing the claims, the home insurance company will finalize the total damages. At this point, you will receive a check from the insurance company for the amount that arrived. The money intends to repair the roof to its previous state or replace it entirely per your policy. 

The insurance company’s involvement ends at this point. Moving forward, you will work with the roofing contractor to conduct the necessary repairs. 

Benefits of Having a Roofing Insurance

Below are some of the advantages of having homeowner’s insurance that covers your roofing:

1. You Can Protect Your Dwelling

Having to deal with a total loss of your home can be the stuff of nightmares. But with a good insurance policy, your dwelling will be safeguarded. A home insurance policy that includes your roofing safeguards your dwelling.

2. Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is one of the reasons you should have a policy that covers your roofing. Then, in case someone gets injured, your policy will cover you from any lawsuits. 

3. Protect Your Detached Structures

A good policy will include detached structures in the compensation. Also, if your policy includes roofing and your roof damages other structure, the insurance company should compensate the structures. 

4. Safeguard Your Home Contents

Your insurance policy will reimburse your valuables in part or in full due to damage from a covered cause. This will be dependent on the policy you hold. 

5. Loss of Use Insurance

If your roof is damaged, you will be forced outside your home when it is rebuilt. Your policy will cover hotel, food, and travel expenses due to the loss of use component. 

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