What To do If You Insurance Claim is Denied

insurance claim is denied

We deal with these types of insurance claims a lot. A homeowner was working with another roofing contractor and they file a claim except their insurance claim is denied. After their denial, the other contractor bolts, and they are never heard from again. This is because those types of contractors do not have a fundamental understanding of the insurance process. As a result, they leave tons of meat on the bone. In this article, I am going to tell you the steps we take to ensure every homeowner has their roof claim handled properly.

Initial Inspection

When we come out to inspect a property we are extremely thorough. We normally take anywhere between 80-100 photos. We measure your shingle to determine if it is still available, we document any visible damage on the property, and we pop into the attic to check the decking. Proper documentation of damage is the first step in the insurance claim process. Without it, you are doomed.

Check weather data

We use software called Hailtrace. This app was created initially as a meteorologist tool but quickly became a fan favorite for roofing contractors. It helps us determine if what we are seeing is new or old storm damage. It allows us to drop a pin on your home and see all of the recorded weather events for the last five years at that latitude and longitude.

Provide a detailed inspection report

When we finish the report we create a detailed inspection report on site. We then use this to show you the results of the inspection and to provide you with a copy. This way you can access the information any time you need it.

If these steps were not followed there is a good chance the contractor simply did not provide the insurance company with enough relevant information to compel them to approve the claim. When an insurance claim is denied and we are takeover a claim, it is important to obtain all of the information that was used during the first go around and see what is missing. Then you can begin to take the necessary steps to have your insurance provider indemnify you.

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    By Big Time Roof Team | Jun Thu, 2022| Roofing Advice