Why 30 Year Shingles Are a Great Choice for Your Home

According to Consumer Reports, asphalt shingles are still the most popular type of roofing. This is due to the shingle type’s low cost and how easy it is to install. 

However, not all asphalt roof shingles have the same level of quality. Many more expensive roof shingle choices have coatings and/or other additions that can make them more durable. One of the best examples within this group is the 30 year shingles. 

Read on to learn why these shingles can be an excellent option to cover a new roof. 

What Are 30 Year Shingles? 

30 year shingles get their name from their maximum lifespan. 30 years may not seem like a long time when you consider that many metal roofing options can last a century. However, these asphalt shingles are far more inexpensive than metal and last twice as long as their 3-tab shingle counterparts. 

What gives 30 year shingles such a long lifespan? It has to do with the material that makes them. These shingles are made of two layers of asphalt that have been glued or laminated together. 

Overall, this makes the 30 year shingles far more durable than 3-tab ones. The latter type is much thinner. Even though that makes 3-tab shingles more inexpensive, the replacement costs homeowners pay can quickly add up over time. 

Do 30 Year Shingles Last 30 Years? 

It’s important to note that 30 years is only the maximum lifespan of these shingles. There is no iron-clad guarantee that these shingles will last for their maximum amount of time. In truth, most architectural shingles should only last around 80% to 85% of the advertised lifespan or 22 to 25 years in the case of the 30 year shingles.

There are many good reasons why the lifespan of these shingles can get shortened. You can control some of these factors, and some, you cannot. 

If your roof shingles are exposed to constant harsh weather conditions, they will probably have shorter lifespans. None of this has to do with the quality of the roofing material. This is the case even for the strongest of roofing options. 

Poor installation and a failure to utilize regular roofing maintenance are also reasons that roofing shingles can fail before their intended time. However, by hiring the right roofing company and using their services regularly, you can ensure that your shingles last a long enough time. 

You may also find that an improperly-ventilated attic also contributes to faster aging of your roof shingles. Thus, if you want to increase the lifespan of your shingles, you should ensure your attic has great ventilation. Unfortunately, getting a roof replacement may be the only way that you can make this so. 

The Benefits of 30 Year Shingles

So, yes, it is important for all the proper situational elements to be in place first. However, once they are, you can benefit from many advantages of these asphalt roof shingles. You can read more about all of these in the list below. 

They Are Highly-Customizable 

Whether or not a new roof material will match the home’s exterior decor is a major concern for homeowners. After all, a failure to match styles or colors can decrease curb appeal. This will lower the value of the home and possibly make it harder to sell. 

Luckily, a wide variety of color and texture options are available for 30 year shingles. There are shingle colors like greens, reds, and browns and textures resembling shale or cedar. Homeowners should easily be able to find something that complements the colors and styles of their homes. 

There’s one thing to keep in mind, though. Certain colors and textures may be more expensive and take longer to get than others. 

They Increase Durability While Remaining Light

One downside of many durable roofing options is weight. Homeowners can’t always switch out asphalt shingles for metal panels. The roofing structure below often has to be reinforced or replaced to handle the added weight. 

This isn’t the case with 30 year shingles. Though they are more durable than the 3 tab variety, this extra durability does not come with a lot of excess weight. Thus, it can be very easy to switch out any other roofing materials with these shingles.

They Have Extra Weather Protection 

In comparison to weaker roof shingle choices, 30 year shingles have a lot of increased weather protection. For example, 3-tab shingles can only withstand windspeeds of 60 miles. 30 year shingles can withstand windspeeds of up to 130 miles, which is more than double that of the 3-tab variety. 

The extra thickness also gives these shingles a lot more protection against other kinds of weather as well. They can more easily withstand the impact of hail and other debris that may fall upon them. They’ll also stand up better to the weight of snowfall without caving in. 

They Can Increase the Value of Your Home 

Along with increasing a home’s value based on aesthetics, 30 year shingles can also increase a home’s value based solely on the matter that they’re a higher value shingle. In addition, if you ever want to sell your home, you’ll probably spend less money fixing it up for buyers. The 30 Year shingles will have ensured that the integrity of your roof structure and home has remained safe from water and other weather damage. 

For the Strongest, Most Beautiful Roof Possible, Consider Our Services 

In sum, while 30 year shingles are not guaranteed to last 30 years, you will still benefit from this fantastic product in many other ways. For the price of these shingles, you will receive high-quality beauty and durability in return. 

When you’re ready to replace your roof with 30 year shingles or keep your existing roof well-maintained, contact us. Our certified services will provide you with not only the best roofing services but also the best customer service and creative innovations. Contact us whenever you wish for a free price quote.  

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